Can COVID vaccine disturb your menstrual cycle? Here’s everything you need to know

Many common misconceptions are being associated with COVID-19 vaccination. Due to these misinterpretations and false information, so many Pakistanis are still hesitant about getting their dose of the vaccine. Among a very common belief, is that the vaccine can cause women infertility however, it has been confirmed that there is no such thing and it is a false belief.

People who go for vaccination are told that they might face some side effects which include: sore arm, fever, and headache. But you aren’t usually informed if the vaccine can impact your period cycle or not.

Women from around the world have noticed and reported early, heavy or even delayed period after they got vaccinated. Many have expressed their concern and even mentioned that they visited a physician to discuss their condition. And if you are one of them, you DON’T have to worry.

Although the topic of the impact of COVID-19 vaccination on the irregularity of the period cycle hasn’t been discussed as such, researches and surveys conducted have proved that there might be some link and some doctors have provided some logical explanations to it.

What is the plausible link?

Immune cells are responsible for building, maintaining and breaking the uterus lining (which sheds if the egg is not fertilized causing the period bleeding).

According to an article published by BBC, the explanation for it might be that the vaccine can impact the hormones of the body (the progesterone and estrogen ratio) which can affect the immune cells lining the uterus and cause changes in the cycle.

Should you be worried or avoid getting the vaccine?

The answer is, NO. Doctors from around the globe have confirmed that the side effects are temporary. Many women reported a cycle irregularity in only the first month and got their periods regularly after that. If you still feel worried, you can check with your physician.

Many people are stressing over the side effects and finding it as a reason not to go for vaccination. However, COVID-19 vaccine is safe.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Madeeha Sarfraz says:

    I hope this is a true piece of information.. and if it’s so then I’ll say it informative… I would kike to know about different types of vaccines and their results… Which one is the best and all the pros and cons of it… Like a short to the point and clearified one!!

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