7 common reasons why you might not be losing weight

7 common reasons why you might not be losing weight

It is definitely frustrating when your weight is stuck and you have no plausible explanation. You might think you are doing everything right but can still fail at losing weight.

Multiple people make mistakes with their diet and exercise routines which is why they don’t lose weight or sometimes, even end up gaining. There can be a number of reasons why despite trying hard, you’re not losing weight.

Some of the reasons why you might not be able to lose weight have been listed below.

1- You do not keep a track of your caloric intake

7 common reasons why you might not be losing weight
Calculator, measuring tape and set of healthy food on wooden table

So many people have no concept of what to eat and in what amount. Eating clean without taking the proportion into account can actually be a hindrance in your weight loss journey. It is essential you keep a track of what you are eating. Research has proved that individuals who keep food diaries, lose more weight than those who do not.

2- You skip cardio

7 common reasons why you might not be losing weight

If you skip cardiovascular exercises, then losing weight for you might be difficult. Cardio (such as jogging, cycling, etc.) is an extremely essential part of exercise routines. Moreover, it is helpful in burning belly fat as well.

3- You don’t take the proper sleep

Sleep for weight loss

If you are doing everything you can to lose weight but not monitoring your sleep cycle, then you won’t be losing weight. Researches have proved that less sleep is one of the biggest causes of obesity. Adults and children with poor sleep cycles are at a higher risk of developing obesity.

4- You don’t drink enough water

Water for weight loss

Keeping a check on your water consumption is one of the most important parts of your weight loss journey.

5- You have an underlying health issue

7 common reasons why you might not be losing weight

Hypothyroidism, insulin sensitivity, and multiple other health-related issues might be the reasons why you’re not losing weight. Be sure to seek medical help if you’re not losing weight despite all the efforts.

6- You’re following a FAD diet

FAD diets

Multiple diet plans don’t include all the required nutrients which might end up causing health-related issues. If you intend on losing weight, you have to be sure you go for a diet that is more like a lifestyle change. Strict diets are unrealistic and hard to maintain.

7- You think exercise is enough

Exercise for losing weight

If you want to lose weight, you have to be sure you burn more calories than you eat. Exercise is undoubtedly the best way to do that. However, you have to make sure you eat lesser calories with exercise. Exercise alone won’t be of any significant help.

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