5 ways you can relieve menstrual cramps

5 ways you can relieve menstrual cramps

Period pain can be hard to deal with. Going on about your daily activities while dealing with pain during this time of the month is actually difficult.

Menstrual cramps basically occur when the uterus contracts and sheds the uterine lining. The pain commonly experienced is in the lower back, groin, stomach, and thighs. Menstrual cramps can be different for every woman and you must know when you need medical assistance.

Some of the cases in which you should discuss your period cramps with your doctor are listed below.

1- Your cramps last more than two days
2- Your cramps are so intense you can not perform your everyday activities
3- Over-the-counter medication is not helping
4- You notice changes in how your cramps feel over time

Ways to relieve menstrual cramps

Some ways in which you can actually relieve menstrual cramps are listed below. These things would affectively help make that time of the month easier.

1- Focus on your diet

Leafy greens

Cravings might actually be a part of PMS and more. However, eating junk food and too many sweets can make things worse for you. You need to focus on your diet especially during this time of the month. This would help ease menstrual cramps for you.

Go for anti-inflammatory foods. These include cherries, tomatoes, and more. Calcium-rich beans, almonds, and leafy greens may be a good choice too. This will also help you with bloating.

2- Hydration is the key

5 ways you can relieve menstrual cramps

Yes, water is the key in this case as well. Drinking enough water would also help you with bloating. You need to avoid salt as it can add to bloating.

3- Vitamin D

5 ways you can relieve menstrual cramps

Cramps associated with dysmenorrhea basically occur because of increasing levels of prostaglandins. Vitamin D can tackle this.

A study concluded that women who had low vitamin D levels suffered from painful period days. You can also keep a check on your levels of vitamin D through a blood test.

4- Say no to caffeine

5 ways you can relieve menstrual cramps

As a substitute, go for smoothies that contain antioxidant-rich greens. This is a better option than teas and coffees that might aggravate the pain.

5- Exercise

5 ways you can relieve menstrual cramps

You might not know but exercise can actually be helpful in reducing menstrual cramps. Exercise relieves endorphins that promote well-being. You may also go for gentler exercises if you experience fatigue.

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