5 Tips to stay hydrated in the cold weather

5 Tips to stay hydrated in the cold weather

Winter can leave your skin and body dehydrated. Although, one may feel more thirsty during summer, staying hydrated in winters is really important.

Despite the cold weather, the fluid loss from the body can be equal to that during summer. This is why you need to keep a check on your water levels, especially during winter.

What is winter dehydration?

Staying hydrated during summer may be easier than this time of the month. This is because individuals feel less thirsty during these months and also because there’s less sweating too. However, winter dehydration can be serious. Perspiration as well as the extra layers of clothing can make our bodies dehydrated. On average, adults need about 100 ounces of water everyday.

How to stay hydrated in the cold weather?

5 Tips to stay hydrated in the cold weather
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1- Set a water goal

Drinking water goals are the easiest ways of keeping a check on the amount of water you have consumed throughout the day. With plenty of apps, like Plant Nanny, you don’t even need to write your goals in a diary. You can simply record it with these apps and they can also give you reminders when you haven’t had enough water.

2- Layers of breathable fabrics

Instead of going for heavy woolen sweaters and layers, go for breathable fabric. This would minimize the loss of water from your body due to perspiration.

3- Opt for hydrating foods

These include oranges, strawberries, yogurt and more. Eating hydrating foods are a great way of adding more water in your daily diet. It is also advised that you limit your intake of fried foods as they can dehydrate the body.

4- Don’t rely on the thirst

It is natural for you not to feel thirsty during the cold season as you would during summer-time. This is why you don’t need to rely on your thirst to drink water. Set a goal and record the amount you need to consume everyday.

5- Avoid caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated drinks can dehydrate the body. You can instead go for warm beverages like decaffinated hot tea, herbal tea and more.

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