VIDEO 🎥 | See How You Can Lose Face Fat And Double Chin In A Week! 🏋️

If you have struggled with weight at some point or not, there is one thing majority of us have worried about – that double chin!

Seeing a woman secure in her skin, I mean secure in her ‘chin’ is quite a rare sight. This kind of explains the crazy contouring trend and crash water diets that have been going around for a while.  However without starving yourself, giving 15 minutes of your time daily can completely transform your face.

How? By face yoga!

Just like exercise meant for all the other parts of the body, there are specific yoga poses meant for your face as well to tone and relax the muscles.

With tightening your skin and giving an overall slimmer look, facial exercises also help to increase blood flow towards the face – assuring minimization of fine lines and promising youthful look. It will also reduce the blotchy and uneven skin, providing the look you have always ways in the most natural and harmless way.

If you have ever searched YouTube on the subject, you would’ve probably come across Parmita Katkar. Bollywood Diva has a series of videos available on her YouTube channel ‘Blush with me-Parmita’. She is known for sharing advanced exercises to tighten skin and giving skin a natural glow, that are even doable for beginners.

Parmita shared the secret to her absolutely chiselled jawline and high cheekbones. Not only her exercises are effective and her knowledge of fitness is commendable, she has a very articulate way of communicating it hence, it is neither tough to comprehend nor hard to follow.
Fitness guru shares six exercises that have benefitted her and are sure to benefit you as well as the people in her comments section also approve of them. Within a week, you will feel your face muscles tighten and that V-shape forming – TRIED AND TESTED! 

Interested to know how to do it? Here is an easy guide on how to achieve your dream facial structure:

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