WATCH VIDEO 🎥 | Muslim Woman Tied To Tree, Canned For Eloping With A Hindu Lover

A Muslim woman was tied to a tree and beaten for hours for eloping with a Hindu man in Bihar, India. The horrifying video shows a young woman being mercilessly thrashed and humiliated by people who circle her.

According to New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV), the girl sneaked out of her house when the power was out. When the electricity was missing due to some technical fault for hours, the woman made an excuse and went missing to unite with her boyfriend who belonged to a different faith.

The family went looking for her and when she was found, she was brought back and ‘panchayat’ or the village court ordered to tie her to the tree and physically assault her. The boy is also being searched for but he is on the run.

For over five hours, the girl was mercilessly beaten by the villagers and her parents also took part in the act. The police have chosen to stay out of the matter as the incident hasn’t been formally reported to them but the viral video has sparked an intense outrage on social media.

Here is the disturbing video that made rounds on the social media:

Natasha Fatah, the Canadian journalist, shared the news on her Twitter. 

She wrote that the helpless girl was tied and beaten for hours but no one came to help her out and in fact, everyone including her own family participated in the heinous act.

“Muslim girl in India tied to a tree and caned by her family for falling in love with a Hindu boy. Punishment issued by local elders (panchayat) for the girl “dishonouring” her family. She was tied for five hours. Nobody helped her. The boy is on the run.” – she wrote.

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