Sonya Hussyn shuts up Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy as the two battle it out online

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy lashed out at Sonya Hussain after an old clip of the latter’s interview went viral. Hussyn decided to call Sharmeen out over her remarks. She took to Instagram where addressed the filmmaker and said that Obaid can not talk about ‘upbringing’ when she is publicly bringing one woman down while empowering another. She further added that the pandemic has given ‘extra time’ to people and hence they are dissing others and taking things completely out of context.

The actress clarified saying that she didn’t bring Mahira down in any way but she just said she wouldn’t have done ‘Raees’ if she was offered. She added that if she had an option to do any of the movies Khan did, she would choose Verna. Hussyn also mentioned that ‘freedom of work’ related work is not ‘disrespectful.’

Sonya Hussyn also told Chinoy that she doesn’t aspire to be Mahira as she has her own journey.

Actor Ferzone Khan also spoke up in support of Sonya.

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