Model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak responds to people criticizing her for ‘selling’ old clothes

As a way to give people the opportunity to buy pricey clothes at affordable and low prices, Model Saheefa Jabbar held a thrift sale on her Instagram account. Jabbar was selling branded clothes that she has rarely worn at prices lower than the actual ones.

What Khattak thought was a harmless act, actually backfired, and she got immensely criticized for it. She faced a lot of backlash. People asked her as to why she won’t give the clothes to those in need when she’s already so privileged. After that, she finally decided to address the issue. Taking to Instagram, the model talked about the reason behind her selling the clothes.

Saheefa thought it was very important to answer these few questions and therefore she talked about them one by one. She posted that it isn’t important to ‘announce’ before doing a good deed. Moreover, what does someone needy have to do with ‘branded clothes’ when their prime concern is food. She further added that she is being greedy in selling these clothes so she can collect money for ‘charity.’ The actress urged the public to unfollow and block instead of giving hate.

Saheefa Jabbar also thanked those who bought her clothes and told others not to be quick to judge. She then wished everyone a blessed month of Ramzan.

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