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Mira Sethi’s debut novel makes it to ‘Vogue’s Most Anticipated List 2021’

Pakistanis are eagerly looking forward to Mira Sethi’s debut novel ‘Are You Enjoying?’. However, Vogue has made us realize that we aren’t the only one who are waiting for its arrival!

Sethi’s upcoming novel has made its way to ‘Vogue’s Most Anticipated’ list of 2021′, adding to the novel’s hype. Refinery29 and Vogue Magzine compiled the list for this category, and Sethi’s novel is among the list.

The senior editor at Vogue, Chloe Schama, has described the novel as ‘powerful’ but, at the same time, having a light touch. She further added that the novel is an indication of the ‘arrival’ of an assured storyteller. The Deputy Editor at Refinery29, Kristin Iversen, called the novel ‘sharp’ and told the public that it is a ‘joy’ to read this book.

Mira Sethi’s book surely looks promising and a vast majority of readers can not wait to get their hands on the book.

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