Mahira Khan confesses that HSY ‘accidentally’ disclosed her relationship with Salim Karim to the public

One of the biggest names of Pakistan’s media industry is Mahira Khan. She is loved, and one of the most famous actresses in the industry as people love her for her humble personality. Mahira had recently confirmed her relationship with Salim Karim in a live chat with HSY, and it became the headline for a long time.

Recently, the actress appeared in the show Ghabrana Mana Hai hosted by Vasay Chaudhry. Humayun Saeed took part in it, and while questioning the two about different things, Vasay landed on Mahira’s most recent confession about her relationship. He asked about why the star specifically chose Hassan Shehreyar’s (HSY) show to disclose her relationship.

Mahira simply denied that it was an ‘intentional’ decision. She never wanted to spill the beans in the first place as she believes that her personal life is her own matter and shouldn’t be let out publicly. However, it slipped out of Hassan Shehreyar’s mouth during the video call as he knew about the two. Moreover, she didn’t deny her relationship as she isn’t the kind of person who would deny something ‘true.’

Mahira Khan also talked about the responsibility that comes with fame. Moreover, she added that she doesn’t pay heed to the haters and focuses on the followers who admire and uplift her.

Watch Mahira’s compelete interview here:

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