Lady Gaga opens up about the sexual assault she faced while starting off as a musician

Whether it’s because of her unique outfits on award shows or a latest single, Lady Gaga has often been in the limelight. A worldwide famous singer, she is one of the most awarded stars in the industry, who has won multiple Grammys, a BAFTA, and an Academy Award, to name a few.

Recently, the singer opened up about the struggle she had to face in the past as a teenager, an incident that changed her life completely. The star talked about being raped by a record producer when she was 19 years old, and how this trauma mentally impacted her.

In an interview with Oprah and Prince Harry, she talked about the abusive which took place when she started her career as a musician. Gaga said she was threatened by the producer to take ‘off her clothes, and upon her rejection, he threatened to burn all her music.

She added that she isn’t comfortable revealing her rapist’s identity, and won’t say his name.

“I understand this #MeToo movement, I understand that some people feel comfortable with this and I do not. I don’t ever want to face that person again”, Gaga said.

Years after the incident, she was admitted to a hospital due to fibromyalgia – a chronic pain condition. She later learned that this was triggered by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Gaga felt the same pain she did previously when the person who raped her, dropped her off pregnant on a corner around her parents’ house. She was vomiting and sick, because not only had she been abused but was locked in the studio for months.

After that horrific incident, Gaga said that she had a ‘psychotic break’ and wasn’t the same person for a few years. While talking about the impact, she said that ‘your body remembers’.

“I couldn’t feel anything, I disassociated. It’s like your brain goes offline”, Lady Gaga added.

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