Ingredients you should look out for in a sunscreen

With the sun shinning its brightest in these months of the year, the importance of sunscreens is inevitable. Experts even suggest wearing sunscreen even when it is cloudy outside because sunrays can reach you, even when it is cloudy outside.

Why should one wear a sun screen?

Sunscreen basically protects the skin from UV rays. It reduces the chances of sunburns, the chances of skin cancer, prevents premature aging and also helps even out your skin tone.

Ingredients that should ‘NOT’ be present in your sunscreen

When you select sunscreen, you should be on the lookout for a number of ingredients. numerous sunscreens have ingredients that can have adverse effects on the skin and even end up causing skin cancer. But this does NOT mean you drop the idea of using it rather you should be sure to look for the ‘right’ product.

Here is a list of ingredients, that should not be present in your sunscreen:

1- Octocrylene

Many studies have proved that octocrylene can cause a number of skin allergies. It also has benzophenone which is a known carcinogen. Other than this, it can also cause aquatic toxicity.

2- Homosalate

Homosalate penetrates the skin, disturbs the hormones and ends up producing toxic breakdown byproducts with time. Due to the endocrine disruption, the European Commission has concluded the maximum concentration of 1.4% for this ingredient.

3- Avobenzone

Avobenzone is not a stable compound and breaks in the sun which is why it is recommended that one pairs it up with a number of other ingredients to stabilize it. Breakdown of avobenzone can cause allergic reactions.

4- Octinoxate

Octyl methoxycinnamate or Octinoxate is an organic UV filter. It is easily absorbed into the skin and once the sunscreen is applied, continues to do so.

However, its quantity in blood has been found to be 16 times more than the proposed quantity by FDA. Studies have shown that they have hormonal effects in animals and their metabolic system. It can also impact thyroid hormone production.

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