‘I feel there’s a certain time where women do need men’ Sarwat Gilani says she wouldn’t call herself a ‘feminist’

Sarwat Gilani is one power pack. She is an insanely good actress and made headlines with her web-series Churails. The series gained popularity in Pakistan and India, and Sarwat, being one of the main roles, gained immense attention.

With the actress playing the lead role in the bold, dark series, one might think that she is a big feminist. However, Sarwat, in her recent interview with Mira Sethi, revealed that she wouldn’t classify herself as a ‘feminist.’ While talking to the host about feminism, the actress shared that ‘toxic masculinity’ according to her is the biggest virus. She further said that men have their own ‘place.’ Clarifying what feminism is, she said that feminism isn’t of the view that men don’t have their ‘place’ and she believes that women do need men at some point. She further quoted her own example, saying that despite being all independent, she still needs someone to take care of her and someone she can rely on at the end of the day.

Sarwat Gilani, in the interview, added to the idea of feminism and what feminists stand for. The Churails actress said that feminism is a term that is usually misunderstood in the country. It is not only about women but equally about men too. The artist wouldn’t call herself a feminist since she believes in ‘equal rights’ and tries to understand the male side. She understands why some men have problems with certain women, and this idea separates her from feminists.

Here’s Sarwat’s complete interview:

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