Internet thinks this girl is Aiman Khan’s doppelganger. Do you agree?

Now and then, Pakistanis find doppelgangers of different celebrities online. From Iqra Aziz’s look-alike to the Prime Minister’s, sometimes they look so similar that the difference is difficult to spot. This time, the internet is going crazy over Aiman Khan’s doppelganger. Numerous think that the actress and Manahil look similar.

Aiman Khan is one popular Pakistani actresses. She is also one of the most followed celebrity on Instagram in the country and people absolutely adore her. Her famous serials include: Ishq Tamasha, Baandi, Bay dardi and more.

Manahil Hameed is a famous TikToker and a social media influencer. She has also worked as a model for renowned makeup artists and has a massive following on Instagram. People are pointing out how Hameed and Khan have a close resemblance.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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