300 Newborn Girls’ Dead Bodies Were Recovered From Garbage Piles In 2017

In 2018, while the entire world chants the slogans of ‘rights for all’ and gender equality, in Pakistani society, female infanticide or femicide remains an actual reality.

Femicide basically refers to killing an infant due to her gender. As absurd as it sounds, even in today’s era of progressive approach, Pakistan’s obsession with sons claims the lives of hundreds of innocent girls every single year.

In last year alone, Edhi Foundation found 355 dead bodies from garbage dumps across the country, while most number (i.e 180) was found across the city of Karachi alone – exposing how grave the situation is.

Source: DAWN

A senior member from Edhi, Anwar Kazmi, recalls a horrifying incident in Karachi where an infant was STONED to death by a Muslim cleric on the doubt of being an illegitimate child.

“A few people found a baby at the doorstep of a mosque in Karachi, and they handed the baby over to the prayer leader. The cleric decried that this is an ‘illegitimate baby’ and he should be stoned. Resultantly, the baby was stoned to death. I tried to register a case against the cleric, but nothing happened” – shared Anwar with News International.

Kazmi said that though they come across many horrible incidents, this one of stoning a newborn baby still haunts his soul.

Spokesperson of Chippa Welfare Foundation Shahid Mehmood said that even if they are abandoned by their own families, being a welfare organization, they can’t abandon them. They give them a proper burial and bury them in their own graveyards.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, about 4.2 million women in Pakistan experience unintended pregnancies. Extremely limited legalization of abortion leads to couples choosing infanticide. But as 99% of these killed newborns are females, we can’t ignore the fact that the gender plays a major part in it as well.

Even though child abandonment and infanticide both are a crime under Pakistan’s Penal Code, the notion that women can’t contribute to family income and are in fact a ‘burden’ is worsening the situation.

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6 Times Sajal Ali Showed She Is The Queen Of White Dresses 💎

Big eyes, long hair and a kind smile – Sajal Ali is one of the most loved personalities in the Pakistani media industry. Though needing no introduction, the actress has been a part of high rating drama serials starring alongside sensational Feroze Khan and Ahad Raza Mir. She also gained spotlight after her drama serial O Rangreza, in which she acted along Noman Ijaz, Sana Fakhar, Bilal Abbas Khan and Sonia Mishal. Not just her quality acting became a talk of the town here, but she also sang the famous OST for the said drama serial along with Sahir Ali Bagga – bagging the best OST award.

Considering her work in Pakistani industry, she was most followed and loved in Yakeen Ka Safar, where along with the storyline, the fans SHIPPED Sajal and Ahad as the favourite on-screen couple.

She is also among the very few Pakistani actors who made a successful Bollywood debut. Her very first and incredibly successful project was ‘MOM’ – where she plays the role of a gang rape victim whose stepmom, played by Sri Devi, seeks her daughter’s revenge.

However, in all this, there is another thing Sajal is known for apart from her brilliant on-screen performances – that is her style! Though the actress is known for gracefully carrying bridal wear at ramps and stealing the spotlight, I personally feel like Sajal is MADE to add value to white colour!

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Not that she looks any lesser in others, but white is quite a tricky colour to carry and doesn’t look to flattering on everyone – minus Sajal! Every time she has worn the colour, she has truly flaunted it. Want to see some of her incredible looks in white to be inspired from in the upcoming season? HERE, have a look:

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From Last Week ⏪ | Actress Ushna Shah Mocks Bushra Bibi For Her First Interview

Alif, Allah aur Insaan starrer Ushna Shah mocked Bushra Bibi after her first ever interview as the First Lady last week – sending ripples across the internet.

Bushra gave her first interview to Nadeem Malik last week after Imran Khan took over as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Khan is considerably popular among youth and hence Bushra Bibi is also admired greatly among the general public – especially the PTI fanbase while to others she seems quite a controversial figure.


Same divided opinions were witnessed after her interview. Needless to say, the entire country was very impatiently waiting for it since it was the first appearance of our First Lady on media. After listening to her, some were overwhelmed by her simplicity, religious and spiritual approach in matters while others were heavily unimpressed by her as they thought she hardly touched the issues Pakistan is currently facing and lacks the intellectual depth that they expect from her as she is representative of all the women in the country.

Actress Ushna Shah fell in the second category! In a rather controversial tweet, Ushna clapped at Bushra’s interview and mocked Imran Khan’s reliance on spirituality. She said that when education from Oxford University didn’t help Khan, neither did his world cup captaincy and win or dharnas didn’t work, Khan achieved everything from Baba Farid.

People took offence of her statement and immediately condemned her. They said her opinion is a direct disrespect not only to Baba Farid but also all the followers of Sufism. Responding to that, however, Ushna clarified that she believes in Sufism and spirituality, considering it the most beautiful part of religion but is against doing to shrines. Here is how people reacted to Ushna’s statement:

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Meet Sara Vazir: The Pioneer Of Unique ‘White Henna’

Pakistani women and their endless love affair with Mehendi need no explanation! Be it Eid, weddings or any festival – NOTHING is complete with stunning henna patterns on hands.

However, those of us (including me) who can’t do it themselves ‘must’ envy those who have excelled the art. Among them is the extremely talented Sara Vazir. Sara is a full-time mother who is pursuing her passion as well, but what sets her designs apart is that she invented these trendy-looking, revolutionary mehendi designs that went internationally viral as well.

Sara is the pioneer of ‘White Henna’ trend, giving a whole new diversity and dimension to contemporary designs. Just to get a brief glimpse of what the extraordinary Sara is capable of, here are few of her designs to mesmerize you.

Sara says that her love for mehendi is deep rooted in her appreciation and fascination for different cultures. Seeing her mother brilliantly draw the henna tattoos and trying it herself since a tender age of seven, Sara says her experience has shaped her perceptions and personality today.

White Henna isn’t a natural form of henna and is termed like that because of its usage. It is artificially created by using FDA approved ingredients like body paints and adhesives. The white henna takes about 10 minutes to apply and 5 minutes to dry. Having water-proof properties, it comes off when you rub your skin aggressively.


Sharing about her experience with a known blogging site, Sara shares that she can’t put into words what her passion means to her. She said that when the things hit the rock bottom, she puts even more effort in her work. Being mocked at an early age for her unique passion, she continued to pursue it and is proud of it.

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