Mrunal Thakur From ‘Love Sonia’ Shares Heartbreaking Stories Of Sex Workers

Use of screen and raising awareness on issues using the power of film and dramas has become the most potent form of executing the message. Though we have seen many in the recent years, a recent one is making the buzz.

‘Love Sonia’ by Tabrez Noorani touches the sensitive topic of human trafficking – something that exists very acutely but due to the taboos attached to it in conservative societies, it is under-talked. On average, over 240 girls in India go missing every single day, while majority of them get trapped in this business.

Tabrez has been actively involved in social work and has worked with NGOs focused on the cause. He was introduced to Human Trafficking in Los Angeles in 2003, when few girls including one Indian, were found in a container from China. The incident touched him and he dedicated all his work towards raising awareness on the issue. He has also been a part of several brothel raids.

Indian-American project ‘Love Sonia’ tells a heart-wrenching tale of two sisters, one is sold to traffickers by debt-ridden father while the other follows her in hope to rescue her but gets trapped in the business herself as well.

Lead role of ‘Sonia’ is played by Indian TV Star Mrunal Thakur, who executed it quite brilliantly.

Sharing her experience while shooting for the movie at NDTV, Mrunal shared the real life stories the sex workers shared with her while she was visiting them during the project. Hardly holding her tears back, Mrunal shares the devastating stories she came to know while talking to the actual victims of the brutal cycle.
Serving 30 to 40 clients every single day for less than a dollar, the lead actress shares heartbreaking incidents she discovered in their own words. Here is what she had to say:

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