From Last Week ⏪ | Actress Ushna Shah Mocks Bushra Bibi For Her First Interview

Alif, Allah aur Insaan starrer Ushna Shah mocked Bushra Bibi after her first ever interview as the First Lady last week – sending ripples across the internet.

Bushra gave her first interview to Nadeem Malik last week after Imran Khan took over as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Khan is considerably popular among youth and hence Bushra Bibi is also admired greatly among the general public – especially the PTI fanbase while to others she seems quite a controversial figure.


Same divided opinions were witnessed after her interview. Needless to say, the entire country was very impatiently waiting for it since it was the first appearance of our First Lady on media. After listening to her, some were overwhelmed by her simplicity, religious and spiritual approach in matters while others were heavily unimpressed by her as they thought she hardly touched the issues Pakistan is currently facing and lacks the intellectual depth that they expect from her as she is representative of all the women in the country.

Actress Ushna Shah fell in the second category! In a rather controversial tweet, Ushna clapped at Bushra’s interview and mocked Imran Khan’s reliance on spirituality. She said that when education from Oxford University didn’t help Khan, neither did his world cup captaincy and win or dharnas didn’t work, Khan achieved everything from Baba Farid.

People took offence of her statement and immediately condemned her. They said her opinion is a direct disrespect not only to Baba Farid but also all the followers of Sufism. Responding to that, however, Ushna clarified that she believes in Sufism and spirituality, considering it the most beautiful part of religion but is against doing to shrines. Here is how people reacted to Ushna’s statement:

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