Essential life skills for every Pakistani woman

Pakistani women are brought up in a way where our fathers or brothers always do a lot of our official errands for us. Ones that entail too much khawaari or standing in long lines, waking up at 7 and getting to the offices, filling the forms and everything else that it requires. 

Although this is sweet, it renders a lot of the women in the country totally dependent on a male family member to do something that really isn’t that hard to do. 

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we depend on our families for things we should totally be doing ourselves. 

Here’s a list of things that every Pakistani woman should know how to do on her own: 

1. Everything NADRA

  • Gone are the days that stepping into a NADRA office was unbearable, recently their offices have been renovated and their systems have gotten an update. Some of the offices are also open 24 hours a day. 
  • You can visit and find the address of the office near you. 
  • Everything is computerized, mostly you won’t even need to fill out any forms, all the questions will be about you and who knows you better than yourself?

Do not be scared of doing official things like getting your ID card made or updated, singing up for a driver’s license, getting copies of any official documents. You might ask yourself “what if I look stupid? Because I don’t know how to do this stuff” don’t worry, there’s always multiple people there that will guide you through the process – it’s what they are there for!

2. Changing a tire

  • It is essential that you know how a tire is changed, practice it at least once in your driveway. You should know what a jack is how it’s placed and raised, which ways the nuts turn and how the tire is taken off and replaced. 
  • Pro tip: Always remember: Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey. Screws always tighten towards the right and loosen towards the left. 

3. Going to the Doctor-

  • Please do not rely on someone else to always take you to the doctor (emergencies are excluded here). You should be able to go on your own so you can easily discuss your issues with the doctor without having to censor yourself around your family or simply you shouldn’t need them to take a lot of time out of their day to come with you. 

4. Basic Carpentry

  • You should know how to safely hammer nails into walls, check for studs, hang hooks and how to put basic furniture together. It’s usually like puzzles and comes in pieces. Don’t wait on your husband to come home from work so he can hammer one nail into the wall. 

5. Basic CPR and First Aid-

6. Bank related things-

  • You should know how to open a bank account in your own name. It is an easy process and the employees of the bank will guide you through the whole thing. Some banks even have special accounts for women that are even easier to open! Google the bank you want to open an account in and go to the one you like the best! 
  • If you’re getting married and will be taking a lot of jewelry and money with you, open a safe deposit box in your own name. Not your husband, not your in-laws and not even your father. It needs to be in your own name. We’ve seen far too many incidents of women never getting their gold back after it’s been given to someone in the family for “safe keeping in their safe deposit box” – take charge and deposit it into your own. 

  7. Learn to say NO

  • We’ve been brought up with the culture that tells us we need to always compromise. We need to think of other people around us. We need to always be the glue keeping our families together. But it’s okay to choose yourself too. 
  • You need to know when something is going too far and put your foot down, if something hurts you speak up. If you don’t like something say no. You won’t be a bad person for expressing how you feel, instead it’ll keep you from bottling up your feelings and letting them blow up in a way that you’d regret too. 

Even though all these happen to be essential life skills every person should know, I specify women here because I’ve personally seen women not being able to do these things on their own. 

Can you think of any other things that we should know how to do alone? Let us know in the comments! 

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