WATCH | “I am a human rights activist”, woman shouts at chef for asking to see her vaccination certificate

WATCH | "I am a human rights activist", woman shouts at chef for asking to see her vaccination certificate

A vaccination certificate has made a member of presumably ‘Pakistan’s elite class’ lose her calm. A ‘human rights activist’ is making rounds on the internet after shouting at the chef of a restaurant in Karachi.

The ‘activist’ said that the chef had ‘violated her constitutional rights’ by asking for her vaccination certificate. After her meltdown, people are now calling her the ‘desi Karen’, as the video has blown up on social media.

The viral video

A small eatery called ‘Test Kitchen by Okra’ in Karachi has received outpouring support from netizens. In the viral video, the mask-less woman is shouting at the restaurant’s staff. According to her, they have violated her ‘medical privacy’.

The chef, Asad Aamir Monga, clarified that he was just asking for proof of ‘COVID-19 vaccination’. The woman crosses all limits by calling him an ‘idiot wearing a face nappy’.

After the chef takes out his phone to call for help, the woman turns away and threatens him. She said, “I am a human rights activist”, before exiting the restaurant.

The staff members can be seen explaining to the woman that they are obligated to ask for her vaccination certificate due to government guidelines.

Karachi’s administrator, Murtaza Wahab Siddiqui also took notice of the video. He lauded the chef for staying calm.

After the video was uploaded on social media, it instantly blew up. People are strictly criticizing the woman. Many think that it is unethical to shout at the members of the staff for doing their job.

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