‘Covid-19 vaccine is completely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women’, PMA

The covid-19 vaccine has been a topic of discussion, with multiple “speculations” about it roaming on the internet. One question of concern has been whether or not the vaccine is suitable for pregnant women.

According to the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), the vaccine is completely safe for women who are expecting. It has no side effects for pregnant women.

PMA General Secretary, Dr Qaiser Sajid said that there is no problem in getting the vaccine doses. He added that pregnant women can get the vaccine three months into their pregnancy.

Dr Qaiser said that as a preventive measure, the women are given multivitamins three months after they are pregnant. They can obtain the vaccine available in the country and it will not harm the mother and the baby.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health, Dr Faisal Sultan said that the vaccine is highly advised for women that are pregnant or breastfeeding since the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
He said that oftentimes, viral infections are aggregated in pregnant women. Like, hepatitis E. or chickenpox. Hence, pregnant women are more at risk from covid-19 than non-pregnant women.

Getting vaccinated is essential, for everyone. The coronavirus is on the rise again, as NCOC has reported a disturbing rise in positive cases. It is important that people not only get vaccinated but also comply with the SOPs put in place by the government.

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