Boyfriend arrested for dressing up as a woman and taking girlfriend’s exams

Crossing every boundary for love is a student in Senegal, who has been arrested on charges of fraud. The student allegedly posed as a woman and went to give the high school exam in place of his girlfriend.

The girlfriend has been detained as well. Both are set to appear in court in the West African country soon. The two have been accused of fraud and complicity, according to lawyer Serigne Ndiongue. The suspects, on the other hand, are contesting these charges.

The boyfriend was a university student who moved to the city of Diourbel just to take the exam on his girlfriend’s behalf. In the videos that are spreading like wildfire across social media, the student is wearing a red dress and black shawl.

The local media reported that the boyfriend was caught on the third day of the exam by the supervisors after they noticed something wrong with his outfit. He was then reported to the police.

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