Twitter enraged after Zahir Jaffer receives special privileges in jail

Recently, Punjab’s Jail Minister, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan, while speaking to a reputed media outlet, revealed that he has instructed the prison authorities to ‘stop’ giving preferential treatment to Noor Mukadam’s murderer, Zahir Jaffer.

A day before Fayyaz ul Hassan’s statement, Zahir had been taken to PIMS after he complained of having a headache as revealed by a media outlet. Chohan also gave details saying that Jaffer is kept in solitary confinement in Adiala Jail’s ‘high-security cell.’ Moreover, he is being given home-cooked food on daily basis and also visits.

Twitter is furious over the fact that Jaffer is always seen appearing before the district magistrate in an ironed and fresh set of clothes. Many people, including celebrities, have spoken against the privileges that he is receiving in jail.

Fatima Bhutto expressed her outrage through a Tweet. ‘Innocent men and women who are poor, languish behind bars with no protections, no legal help, no hope. But rich men who murder, abuse, rob, and steal get whatever they want, no matter what they’ve done. Zahir Jaffer’s privilege exposed like this stains all pretenses of law + justice.’

Actress Anoushey Ashraf also Tweeted hoping that justice is served. She shared an artwork that featured Noor and wrote, ‘Every time #ZahirJaffer asks for hospitals, bail, and nice ironed shirts to wear to his trials, I hope the ppl deciding his fate remember, see and shudder when they think of this angelic face. I hope they can’t sleep knowing she’s waiting on them to deliver justice.’

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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