YouTuber behind the bars for harassing women and calling it a ‘prank’

Pakistani YouTubers often take it to the wrong side when it comes to pranks. Similarly, a prankster named Khan Ali decided to do a prank in which he harassed and intimidated women outside a university in Gujranwala. The prank is literally called ‘Dopatta loo prank’ and apparently, it is the second time he’s doing such a prank.

The man in the video can be seen going up to random women and telling them that their dress is ‘inappropriate.’ The man also gives them money to go buy a dupatta for themselves. After the girls told him to leave them alone, the man could be seen getting hyper and threatening them with things like, ‘main jooti utarun?’

The YouTuber claimed that it is his ‘duty’ to spread the message in the name of Islam. He also said that he will make a part 3 of this prank if people continue to share it.

The video is wrong on so many levels and the public pointed it out as well. None of the women in the video who were pranked found it funny and many were clearly scared and uncomfortable.

The police also took notice of the video and didn’t think it was ‘funny.’ The man has been arrested in Gujranwala and CPO Gujranwala took to Twitter to share the news.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Nas says:

    It is a little over done and can be seen deeming and frightening for the females, however his message is to get the message across to the Pakistani women to wear a scarf.
    I feel his whole approach is wrong but there is nothing wrong with his message

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