What NOT to do when you find out your husband is cheating

Over the past few days, all we’ve seen on social media in Pakistan are various clips of Uzma Khan and Huma Khan being questioned and beat up in their home.


Slowly and gradually, more videos and information came forward. We now know that A man named Usman Malik was accused of cheating on his wife with Uzma Malik. The wife, Amna Usman Malik, found out and decided to go assault Uzma and Huma accompanied by the daughters of Malik Riaz and several armed guards.

The clips show Uzma and Huma being held by guards while they’re hurled with various glass objects – leaving one of them bleeding all over the house.

At one point, you also hear the attackers order one of the guards to “Touch them and they’ll sleep with you. TOUCH THEM. TAKE THEM TO THE ROOM”. They tried to order their guards to go sexually assault these women.


Watching videos of this whole debacle has everyone asking one question.

“Where is Usman?”

In all of this, we don’t see Usman Malik at all. The man who was responsible for “wrecking his marriage” by cheating on his wife multiple times was nowhere to be seen. All of the blame and punishment was on the “other women”.

This is classic Pakistani behaviour. Let the man responsible for destroying his marriage walk out scot-free. Let’s blame the other woman for all of it instead!

This, is what you shouldn’t be doing.
Sure, the other woman shouldn’t be in a relationship with a married man but it’s your husband that owes you loyalty, he’s the one who signed the marriage contract!

If your spouse is repeatedly cheating on you. They don’t want to be with you. No outside party is able to come in and destroy your marriage unless YOU let them. The marriage is between the two spouses and it’s their responsibility to keep it together – the second one of them decides to look elsewhere, they wreck their home.

If you are cheated on and can’t see yourself working through it, leave them. You have rights given by the law which allow you to leave a marriage whenever you want. You cannot “save your marriage” by attacking someone like this. If it comes to this point, that marriage is far beyond “saving”

Breaking into a home, assaulting someone, throwing (allegedly) flammable liquids on them, threatening rape and murder is NOT OKAY.

No “other side of the story” justifies all these actions.

It’s 2020, if you’re in a toxic or abusive marriage, seek help and get out of it. Don’t go around breaking the law and assaulting people instead. This type of behaviour is only self-destructive. Please, do better. Ask the Police for help, if there is any wrong-doing, they’ll help you and it’ll be the proper way to go about things.

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