WATCH | Yashma Gill exposes the horrific condition of Tollinton Market in her new vlog

Yashma Gill is a talented Pakistani actress who gained a lot of fame quickly. She is also a vlogger and shows her love for animals occasionally through her videos. Recently, she put up a vlog about Tollinton Market and how animals are being mistreated there.

Tollinton Market

Tollinton Market is a pet market located in Lahore with around 300 shops. Many social media personalities have exposed the place for its bad treatment of animals. It was recently accused of selling stolen pets. Yashma also showed the ugly reality of this market, and we are horrified at how they are treating these poor creatures.

The actress took Zulfishan, who runs an animal rescue and shelter in Lahore named JFK, with her to the market. Zulfishan and her team (which included a doctor)visited the market regularly to clean it, without asking for a penny, and only for the sake of love for these innocent creatures. The market authorities have arranged no proper cleaning system themselves. The woman also told how the president or any person from the market authorities doesn’t visit it at all. The animals are starved and given no water.

The vlog showed many animals lying unconscious in the cages due to heatstroke as they didn’t have access to water. Multiple pets were badly injured, and many were so weak that they didn’t move at all. Zulfishan also told how their team was washing the cages, providing medicines to the injured animals, and even giving them water. The market doesn’t do anything by itself and is only concerned with selling animals and making money.

Some were brutally separated from their mothers when they needed ‘mother milk’ as told by the vet. Animals like bunnies are also slaughtered in the market.

Yashma and the JFK team checked different animals with medical conditions, provided food to many, and gave water. Zulfishan and Hamza rescued a kitty and a blind duck, which are now under her and her team’s care.

The market had dogs with infected paws, kitties with injured eyes, blind ducks, undernourished and lethargic animals, all kept in the worst conditions possible. There was no proper hygiene or food given to the poor creatures. The JKF team had only been able to cover about 70 out of 300 shops yet.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to see how these animals are being treated. The authorities are silent. When confronted, the shopkeepers didn’t take anything seriously and laughed it off, which was even more triggering. Numerous animals die in their cages due to lack of food and water, and the shopkeepers do not care.

Watch Yashma’s vlog yourself:

It is about time that we raise our voices for these innocent creatures in so much pain. We need to emphasize on animal rights in the country. Yashma gave the viewers a message to buy animals from the market and rescue them to give them a better life.

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  • Najma Rahman says:

    May Allah reward u all for this

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