‘Women who smoke, end up divorced,’ claims PTI MNA [VIDEO]

'Women who smoke, end up divorced,' claims PTI MNA [VIDEO]

A lawmaker from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf believes that smoking should be blamed for the increasing divorce rate. However, in this case, smokers are not men but women.

We all know some of the effects that smoking can have on the health including, different cancers, breathing issues, and more. But Member National Assembly (MNA), Dr. Nausheen Hamid, has revealed during a seminar in Islamabad that smoking in women is a cause of increasing divorce rates in Pakistan.

Recently, at a session based on the use of Tobacco, Dr. Nausheen said that women smokers end up divorced. This is because they are not ‘accepted’ by their in-laws. In the same session, she also told that the number of women smokers has increased in the last few years. ‘This causes a number of social problems for both the smokers and their families,’ she added.

Nausheen also revealed that she personally knows such women. The federal parliamentary secretary for health also stated that two out of five people who smoke, are women.

Watch the video here

Recent reports have it that the rate of divorce is increasing in urban centers. It was also concluded that the majority of divorce cases are initiated by women demanding khula.

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  • Mac says:

    With this mindset of our national representatives, situation in Pakistan will never improve but surely will deteriorate. Does this women has any scientific or statistical evidence to prove her claim. We are a hopeless nation/society.

  • Malaika Ameen says:

    Dr. Noshin Hamid is a capable doctor as well as a responsible mother, faithful wife and submissive daughter-in-law. I personally know her and find very loving and polite lady.She belongs to a well known political family. He statement on the topic is very interesting coz the circumstances that lead a woman to divorce, She may escape from those circumstances through smoking.In Pakistani society, publicly smoking of a woman not acceptable.

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