Women take to social media to explain why they want to leave Pakistan

Women take to social media to explain why they want to leave Pakistan

2021 saw a rise in abuse and violence against women in the country. Despite the surge in crimes against women, sadly not much has been done by officials to improve the situation.

From the horrifying murder of Noor Mukadam to victim-blaming by public officials, women in the country have been feeling unsafe for all the obvious reasons. Keeping the current situation in view. Many women have had discussions on Twitter about how they can apply abroad and leave the country.

A Twitter user recently pointed out the same. He raised the question of why a large number of women are applying for scholarships to study in another country abroad or looking for a job in countries other than Pakistan.

‘Why educated and talented women want to leave Pakistan? I can see this trend is increasing rapidly.’ the user wrote.

Multiple women have replied to the Tweet explaining why they no longer want to live in Pakistan. Women pointed out that many over-qualified, capable women get paid lesser than men who only hold a bachelor’s degree.

A Twitter user emphasized how instead of focusing on the capabilities of women in workplaces, people are more focused on what they wear.

Another user shared her take on the question. She said that women are constantly judged by society. They are morally policed and told what they should/shouldn’t do. ‘Every single choice they make is judged and questioned,’ she added.

One of the replies focused on the safety of women. The user further wrote that women can’t even go to work without a constant fear in their minds. ‘Freedom is everything. And being abroad means freedom to live,’ the user concluded.

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