Women-centric prisons to be set up across KP under the new jail reforms

Jails for women to be set up across KP

Under the new jail reforms, the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will send a proposal to the Chief Minister to set up more prisons. Under this proposal, a proposal to set up separate jails for women across the province. The Home and Tribal Affairs department is expected to soon send a summary to the CM for approval.

Special Assistant to the Chief Minister for Prisons, Shafiullah said that the proposal had been completed and was to be sent to the CM. He further added that a meeting will also be held with the concerned authorities over this matter.

Once the proposal is approved, a feasibility study will be done to identify places that will be suitable for these jails. This has been done to facilitate the women stuck in jails across the province.

Women in jails

Inmates face a lot of problems while serving their time, as there are inadequate facilities for them in prison. Setting up jails that are centered around women inmates, will give them a sense of protection as well.

At the moment, there are 160 women, prisoners, in different jails, 35 of them have been convicted. Meanwhile, 125 cases are under trial in courts.

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