Women footballers from Afghanistan reach Pakistan to evade the Taliban

Women footballers evacuate the Taliban takeover

Women footballers from Afghanistan have reached Pakistan after the government issued visas to help evacuate Afghanis following the takeover of the Taliban.

The Taliban threatened junior team players for playing sports. Originally, their goal was to fly to Qatar, where refugees from Afghanistan have been hosted at a facility for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. However, they were stranded at the airport due to the blast and could not go to Qatar.

Most of the women’s team had escaped the country, due to an arrangement with the Australian government. The youth team could not make it as they did not have documentation and passports. Since then, they were in hiding.

Reaching Pakistan

It was a British-based NGO’s goal to bring 32 footballers, along with their families, to Pakistan. They provided residence for a total of 115 people. This was made possible by the Football for Peace in coordination with the government and Pakistan Football Federation.

During his trip to Doha, the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino paid a visit to Afghan refugees After his visit, the public criticized him for failing to help the athletes still stuck in favoring circumstances.

Pakistan ambassador of Football for Peace, Sardar Naveed Haider Khan thanked the government and PFF for their cooperation in making this all possible.

The footballers will go to Lahore, from Peshawar, where they will stay at PFF headquarters.

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