Christian women beaten, drugged and raped for 20 days

There is no lie in the fact that women and minorities are often at risk of crimes of violence against them. Many times, we come across news of women being brutally treated and minorities being burnt or hurt due to their religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, an incident of similar nature happened in April of 2021. A Christian mother of five was kidnapped. Venus Bibi spent 20 days in captivity, where she was repeatedly beaten, drugged, and raped.

Her husband, Warris Masih said that his wife went out to buy some things for the house, and on the way home, her way was blocked by Muslim men, who told her to come with them and not make a ‘sound’.

Before Venus could even process what was happening, they grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to a parking lot nearby.

According to Warris, his wife’s kidnapper is Muhamad Akbar, who has previously been involved in the kidnapping of a Christian woman as well. However, he escaped punishment due to his influence.

After his wife’s kidnapping, Warris urged the policemen to demand his wife’s release. On his multiple requests, the Police took action and forced Akbar to release Bibi. She was later found unable to walk and in a terrible condition on a roadside near her village in Sahoo Ki Malian.

Warris said that since they are underprivileged and Christians, the Police did not take any action before. The kidnapper had bribed the personnel.

“I want justice for my wife. I want all the kidnappers arrested and punished, so they can stop kidnapping more Christian women”, he added.

Such a crime is unforgivable. The authorities must take a strict legal action against this, and should put rigid laws in place to protect minorities and women.

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