Wishah Abubakr waits for legal action as husband Shahzawar Bugti shares illicit videos of her with social media users

An FIR has been registered against Nawab Akbar Bugti’s son Shahzawar by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for sharing explicit photos and videos of his wife with random social media users.

Wishah Abubakr called out her husband Shahzawar Bugti for putting her life in danger. In a video that went viral, she was begging for her protection. According to Abubakr, her husband is violent and also sent a target killer to end her life and is now leaking sensitive videos of her.

Wishah is awaiting the arrest of her husband and is claiming that Shahzawar is currently in ex-DG FIA Muhammad Manzoor’s house.

According to her lawyer, barrister Hassaan Niaz, Shahzawar allegedly committed blasphemy as well. Meanwhile, he is roaming freely as he got bail.

In a video message, Wishah stated that her husband is trying to get her and her family killed. He is also spreading inappropriate pictures to blackmail her. She said that she wants government protection to fight her case.

She added that she tolerated her husband’s physical torture. She even tolerated his behavior towards her daughter. But, she has reached her limit after him sharing videos of private nature with everyone, even her relatives, tailor and food delivery guy.

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