Why you should Never kiss a Newborn Baby! Some common sense rules to follow

Okay so who doesn’t love newborn babies? Everyone does, myself included! Those cute chubby cheeks and soft rolls of baby fat can turn any person into a pile of instant mush. Can someone ever harm something so downright irresistible and fragile? We might not intentionally but our carelessness might.

We’ve always heard people say “oh let the kids play in the dirt, it’ll boost their immune system!”. Science backs this up. Yes, gradual exposure to some bacteria and germs can fortify our defenses against them.
While this may be true for children, toddlers and even adults, this however is not the case when it comes to newborn babies.
Here are some facts that can help us understand a few things more clearer.

  • Newbie babies are born with an immature immune system still in the process of development. Any premature exposure to bacteria or a virus can prove to be not only detrimental but also fatal for such a tiny little human.
  • Although its an obvious rule that should go unsaid but once said unfortunately it rarely ever goes down well with others. At the risk of offending newly turned grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends of the parents- i’m just going to say this out loud in the open.

NEVER kiss a newborn baby. Not on its face, hands, feet or head.
No. Just don’t.

  • It may feel highly offensive at first if someone dare even have the audacity to tell you ‘Not to kiss the baby’ but please remember, babies are highly sensitive and fragile. Their immune system is not yet equipped to fight off some bacteria making them more prone to diseases.
  • If you absolutely must hold a baby remember to wash or sanitize your hands first. This is very important. An average person’s hands can carry at least 3000 different bacteria. They can cause some serious damage.

So for the greater good, keep your hands and lips away from those cute little defenseless babies. Don’t make new parents awkward by asking them if you can kiss their baby. It’s pretty obvious. They don’t want you to. Don’t make them pay for their politeness.

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure and there is nothing worse than regret over having done something you cant take back. Plus we’d probably get annoyed if someone with a slight cough or cold even breathed in the direction of our child. So it’s only fair that we would give others the same treatment we’d expect in return.

Have you ever faced a similar situation? How do you control your parental frustration?
Let us know some of your tips and hacks!

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