Why it is NEVER ok to hit your children

No one understands how frustrating parenting can be unless you are parents yourself. Every now and then your child or children may embark on a mission to push all your buttons.

Whether you are a mom or a dad, you are already exhausted from your daily chores and the last thing you need is your child driving you around the bend.

You have so much anger and frustration built up inside you from throughout the day and now your child is triggering you to release it on him/her.

You keep telling him/her to calm down and do as he/she is told but to no avail. The poor child then does something that acts like the last straw on the camel’s back. Your inner hulk emerges and your child ends up getting the beating of his/her life.

How many of you can relate to this?

We all are guilty of whacking our children every now and then. Whether it’s a slap on the bum or a whack on the face, we are guilty of doing this at some point in our lives.

What follows is immense guilt.

You feel horrible for hitting your child and promise to never do it again, no matter how frustrated you get. Somehow, somewhere down the line, you break your own promise. You end up hitting your child again. You see that this is becoming a habit and you hit your child even over the simplest of thing. It is like an addiction and you know deep down inside that you need to stop.

When you start this process of hitting/whacking your child for the sake of discipline or simply because they are frustrating you, you have no idea about how negatively it will impact your child.

You need to stop and this is why:


Children are physically so much smaller than us. Even a light smack from us can be too much for them to bear. One more thing to keep in mind is when parents unleash their slaps on their child who is driving them insane, they can easily lose control and hit their child with more force and intensity. Once you start hitting your child, it will become one habit you find very hard to let go off. This will count as physical abuse.


When children are hit repeatedly, they suffer both physically and mentally. They lose their self-confidence and self-esteem. When they grow up, this affects their relationships and they might subject their kids through the same beating that they used to get.

Your relationship:

According to extensive research, children who are beaten up grow up to be angry and resentful adults. Their relationship with their parents suffers a great deal and they have a problem in maintaining a stable relationship with their spouse. They also develop many psychological issues including depression and anxiety.

We as parents need to put a stop to this now. Hitting your child is not a solution but it can lead to many other problems. We should put our adult minds to work and figure out other ways to discipline our children rather than physically hurting them.

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