Why gas heaters are a risk for you and your family

Now that ‘winter is finally here’ and it’s just going to get colder by the day, what is that one thing that will keep us all warm and cosy? HEATERS! Don’t they just change the whole environment once you put them on? Your room which at one point was colder than a freezer now feels like an island in the Bahamas (during summer of-course).

While using these remarkable inventions, have we ever stopped to wonder whether they might be a health and safety risk for us? I mean they are being used in our families since generations and what possible harm can they cause us? For starters, they can legit kill you. I’m sure all of you have come across news EVERY winter about a family dying due to gas suffocation or gas explosion. Secondly, there have been many reported incidents where children have been burnt due to them. Why do people take gas heaters so lightly? There are certain precautions that MUST be taken for the safeguard of your families.

Never sleep with the heater on.

What you can do:

Gas heaters emit Carbon monoxide which is a colourless and odourless gas. High levels of it cause a number of health problems and can even kill you. If precautions are taken, you can avoid these disasters. As the season changes, there are a few basic things that you should do before using your heater.


Please don’t hold on to your generations old heaters and replace them after a few years. They don’t last forever and need repairing. If they are too old to be repaired and their spare parts aren’t available, you should replace them ASAP.


Make sure you get your heater serviced regularly and check for any faults. Instead of experimenting yourself, hire a professional to install them. They know their job better than you do and will install them correctly. This way there won’t be any risks of gas leakage.


I don’t know why people are so relaxed using gas heaters with their children running around. Accidents can and DO happen. Please try to install the heaters on a wall to avoid any accidents.

Be responsible:  

You are responsible for your family and children. Never sleep with the heater on. If you are tired and fear you might fall asleep any minute, please shut it off immediately. There have been so many incidents where entire families suffocated in their sleep.

Be Aware:

All of us are familiar with gas load shedding. If you belong to an area where the gas supply is cut often during the day, be aware of your gas schedule. Don’t leave heaters on unattended for a long time. The gas might come and go without you knowing leading to gas suffocation.

Flammable materials:

Keep tissues, papers, cotton buds or any other flammable material away from heaters. Also make sure you don’t keep any aerosols or pressurised cans near it as well.

There is nothing more relaxing than a warm room on a cold winter night. While you’re snuggled in bed and your eyes are heavy with sleep, DON’T give in. Please drag yourself out of bed and SHUT that heater off. It can cost you your life.

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