Who will protect our daughters if courts set free murderers who kill over ‘gol rotis’?

For daughters- Fathers are our world as we grow up. They’re our ultimate protectors, we know whatever happens we will have our Baba who’ll be there to save us from whatever harm comes our way.

Sadly, some of us daughters aren’t so lucky. In 2015, 12 year old Aniqa Khalid was murdered by her own father because she did not make a perfect Gol roti. Her body was dumped outside Mayo Hospital Lahore. 

12-year-old Aniqa Khalid

Her father and brother murdered her, dumped her body and proceeded to go to the police station and lodged a false report of her being kidnapped, when they were her real perpetrators. 

The then SSP Investigation Rana Ayaz Saleem set a special task force to search for who killed Aniqa. After speaking to their neighbors they found out that Aniqa’s Father Khalid had a habit of beating up his wife, and older daughter as well, that they’d hear cries from the house coming all the time. 

Acting on these leads the officers took Khalid and his son Abuzar in for questioning and they confessed to beating her up and killing her because they got angry she hadn’t made a perfectly round roti. They also said they filed a false complaint to hide their crimes. 

Anyone get the reference of “Apna khana khud banao?” A child as young as 12 was killed over a roti. Do you think a roti is worth taking someone’s life? 

The Father was arrested and sentenced to death.

But on December 6th, 2019 The Lahore high court set this heartless father free. 

Khalid’s lawyer argued that there isn’t any significant evidence against him that proves he killed Aniqa, even though he confessed. He went on to argue that Khalid be released immediately and the charges against him be dropped too. 

The lawyer said that the courts decision to hang the father was made in haste without any major evidence back in 2015 and that the sentence should’ve been overturned earlier than it did. 

This man now out in the world, Scott free. 

Goes to show how you can kill your daughter for something that you should be capable of doing for yourself. And eventually you’ll still walk a free man. 

Why does this happen? He confessed and he wasted police resources while they ran around trying to find the “kidnappers”. His daughter’s life was weighed by the ‘gol’ circumference of a roti. This man, if he can do this to his own flesh and blood he can do it to anyone else. People like these shouldn’t be out on the streets. No one is safe when these people are free. 

To the neighbors who hear the screams and say “yeh unkey ghar ka mammla hai” wake up. If someone had reported the domestic violence to the police, or had a neighborhood meeting or tried any method of intervention maybe, just maybe Aniqa would still be alive.

Its high time to speak up, your voice may save a life.
  • Syed Hyder Abbas Safvi says:

    Injustice ?

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