The truth about whitening injections

In a country where pale “white” skin is praised and tan skin shamed, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing different methods that claim to “whiten” your skin tone dramatically. With how accessible beauty treatments are in Pakistan, of course “treatments” like this one gained popularity very quickly. 

What Are Whitening Injections?

Whitening injections are injections of Glutathione, a compound that our bodies naturally produce in our liver. A healthy person doesn’t really need to inject it into themselves, especially not for aesthetic reasons. When glutathione levels increase those that our liver naturally needs, it stays in our bloodstreams.

Are They Even Safe To Use?

In recent years, the use of  glutathione to “safely” whiten skin through high doses of injections has spread like wildfire. But is the average Pakistani, ready to try the new fad really aware of what it is, and what could it possibly do to their bodies? Even though these injections are available everywhere they might not be as safe as everyone claims they are. 

The FDA has only approved Glutathione injections/drips to protect cancer patients from nerve side-effects of platinum-based chemotherapy.  

There’s still very limited proof that these injections even work for whitening in the long term, since that’s not what they have been approved for. 

High and very frequent doses of glutathione may cause serious consequences to the users. Especially when done so by unlicensed physicians. 

Common Side Effects Include:

  • Extreme skin rashes, reactions and high risk of Steven Johnsons Syndrome
  •  Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis – Cell death
  • Kidney disfunction – potential kidney failure 
  • Severe abdominal pains 
  • Acute renal failure 

We are nearing 2020, risking your lives for “white skin” should have already been a thing of the past. There’s no reason to “treat” tan skin. 

Love the skin you’re born with. Work on having healthy glow-y skin instead of whiter skin. Nothing is worth more than your health, don’t put it in danger following trends like these. 

The world has slowly moved on to bigger and better things – why are Pakistanis still so hung up on the value of whiter skin? Is it really worth the risk?

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