White Ribbon Campaign: White Ribbon Ride arranged to raise awareness about abusive practices against women

Violence against women in Pakistan has been a persistent issue and is seeing a disturbing rise. To raise awareness amongst the mass and to put a halt to abusive practices, the ‘White Ribbon Campaign’ has arranged a ‘White Ribbon Ride’ in collaboration with ‘Crazy Horse’ and HOG Pakistan.

Motorcycle riders were holding White Ribbon flags and had white ribbons on their jackets and helmets. These riders parted from Lahore Polo Club and reached Indigo Heights. The group rode across Jail Road, Main Boulevard, Hussain Chowk, and Liberty Market to showcase the message of the White Ribbon.

This was part of the ’16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women’, which is commemorated each year from 25th November to December 10th.

It was men riding the bikes, spreading the meaningful message. The riders also took a pledge to never excuse, commit and remain silent about violence against women. They invited other men to join the movement.

“We need millions of men as agents of change to end violence against women. Eradicating violence against women from society is not possible without engaging men”, CEO White Ribbon, Omer Aftab said.

White Ribbon Pakistan

The aim of the White Ribbon Campaign is to sensitize men, by teaching and engaging them through continuous campaigns across all mediums to stop violence against women and end gender-based discrimination.

Watch the White Ribbon Ride here:

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  • Neelofar Sawed says:

    It’s a very good initiative, women should say no to domestic violence And take a step towards the positive future for the sake of their children as they will be next generation

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