“We don’t want a female AC or DC,” men attack AC Marvi Malik’s car

"We don't want a female AC or DC," men attack AC Marvi Malik's car

In Mansehra, a group of people stopped Assistant Commissioner Marvi Malik Sher’s car, saying they don’t want a female AC or DC.

The accused ambushed the AC, severely beating her guard and even breaking his arm! Those who were witnesses of the scene caught three hooligans on the spot and handed them over to the police. A case is registered against the accused in Thana City at the request of AC Marvi Malik.

The men took photos and videos of Marvi and stopped their vehicle in front of her car on the Karakoram Highway in the Ghazikot area and exchanged harsh words with her. They then expressed their ‘unhappiness’ over having a female assistant commissioner in their area. The culprits tried to hit Marvi by pulling her out of the vehicle and also injuring her in the process.

District police officer, Sajjad Khan told a news source that they have seized a pistol, repeater gun, and liquor bottles from the vehicle of the accused. When the guard and driver tried to intervene, they attacked them and hurt them as well. The suspects, named Malik Mohammad Attique, Anis Khan, and Malik Imran Haider, also tried to film the entire incident.

Who is Marvi Malik?

AC Malik is one of the five sisters who set the record of clearing CSS examination with flying colors and joining bureaucracy.

CSS is an extremely competitive exam, in which more than 23,000 candidates take part and only a few hundred people pass the final.

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