Violence against women has increased under the PTI government – IFFRAS reports

Violence against women has increased under the PTI government - IFFRAS reports

According to International Forum For Rights And Security (IFFRAS), violence against women in Pakistan has drastically increased under the regime of PM Imran Khan.

There is a disturbing surge in domestic abuse, acid attacks, rape, and other violence against women. That is not all, discrimination in the workplace, forced marriages and forced conversions have become normal. Prior to the PTI government, every leader has been unsuccessful in providing a safe atmosphere for women in Pakistan. None of the leaders wanted to go against religious leaders, who cited religion for suppression of women’s rights, but it seems the condition has worsened under the PTI rule.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also joined hands with Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) in opposing Aurat March, an event that is held on 8th March every year and highlights women’s issues. The ever-increasing risk from the religious and traditional practices, like honor killing, has made life unsafe for Pakistani women.

In a global report by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, it was mentioned that Pakistan is the sixth most dangerous country for women. Back in 2021, in the Global Gender Gap Report, Pakistan was named amongst the four worst countries.

UN’s Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women also expressed its concern on the biased gender policies in the country and emphasized the increasing rate of crime against women.

PM Imran Khan’s remarks

Prime Minister Imran Khan was heavily criticized after he blamed women and their dressing for rape. His problematic views sparked a huge controversy, in response to which women shared their experience and what they were wearing when harassed.

After receiving massive backlash, PM Khan gave an interview in which he clarified his statement. He further said that his comments were taken out of context.

‘They were simply talking about Pakistani society, where we are having a sharp rise in sex crimes. And sex crimes do not include just women. More than rape is child abuse, which is going through the roof.’

PM Imran Khan also mentioned that he wouldn’t ever say such a ‘stupid’ thing that a person who is raped is responsible somehow. He believes that it is solely the rapist who is responsible.

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