WATCH: Ushna Shah reveals how men and women are treated differently in the industry

The wage gap between the two genders is problem women commonly face. Women are ‘paid less’ for the same post compared to men. The gender ‘pay gap’ refers to the average difference that is present between the remuneration for working men and women.

In an interview hosted by Iffat Omer, the actress Ushna Shah opened up about the gender pay gap that exists even in the Pakistani Entertainment industry. The actress said that for some reason it is believed that the female actors are ‘dime a dozen’ and she somewhat agrees.
She further said that although the dramas revolve around ‘women’ mostly, the men still get paid more, which is unfair. Moreover, the female actors work more and even need more dresses, but end up being paid ‘lesser’ than the male ones.

Ushna said that a big ‘pay gap’ definitely exists in the industry. Although actresses are asked more of, they are still paid less than their male co-stars, which is unfair, to say the least.

She concluded by saying that this needs to stop and if both the actors are equally famous, they need to be paid the same as well without any ‘discrimination.’

Watch her full interview here

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