Ushna Shah raises her voice for justice in a heartbreaking video

When it comes to animal rights, Ushna Shah has never been one to stay quiet. As social media became a bigger and more important platform celebrities have raised their voices for those who can’t do it themselves. A lot of these times the ones being wronged are poor defenceless animals.

Ushna took to Instagram and uploaded a video. She wasn’t all glam for this one. She was visibly shaken and was still in tears. Ushna started the video by saying that she’s already tried to film this but couldn’t go through with it but this was something so important that she needed to address it right away. She didn’t want to wait and lose the feeling she felt. This was close to her heart and needed to be heard.

A video went viral on social media. This video showed a dog sitting in Bahria Town, Karachi and minding its own business. There were no humans around at all. No one that this dog could’ve been annoying or “threatening”. A van drives by and a man comes out and shoots the dog, in its hind legs. The dog cries out in pain but the man casually walks off. The dog eventually slowly died.

Miss Shah talked about this video. She said that it was insane that not only did they shoot the dog but they also let it suffer, slowly. No one helped the dog, no one stepped in to euthanize it – nothing. Even the person filming the video was unshaken, she suspects that they’re the ones who called to have the dog killed as they were filming well before the van even showed up.

In the video, she asks why it had to be this way? “Animals only attack for survival, territories or self-defence. They don’t attack unprovoked. Only humans do that”. There are plenty of other ways to deal with a dog that is being aggressive. There are many organisations that can help you if you need it. But this dog wasn’t even aggressive, it was patiently sitting on the side of the street – it didn’t deserve this, no one does.

In the end, she asks why do we not have proper laws protecting animals in Pakistan? Why do things like this keep happening but no change comes from it? Why are animals being killed and tortured for sport? Will this ever change?

“Maybe we’re going through this Azaab because we do things like this. If this is humanity I’m ashamed to be a human”

Ushna Shah
  • Soha ali says:

    She is absolutely right shooting a dog like this is not a humanity.

  • aik foundation banaie chie agar government is per Koi action Nahin Leti Americaaur MilkarTo Ham Khud in dogs ki care Karte Hain says:

    main apk sath hu

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