Hello, it’s 2020. Throw Faiza Beauty Cream out of the window!

While the world has slowly started to shift from typical, unrealistic beauty standards to embracing your real self, skin, and features, it seems that Pakistan in specific cannot get over its colonial hangover. The obsession Pakistanis have with ‘gora rang (white skin color)’ is unreal. Only women/men with ‘fair skin’ are considered beautiful and ‘kaali’ is the best way to tell anyone they aren’t physically appealing. However, its 2020, and we need to move forward and it’s about time we end this judgemental culture, starting off with whitening creams and influential celebrities who ‘promote’ it.

Cancel Faiza Beauty Cream

While influencers worldwide are putting an end to colorism and racism, our well-known celebrities are endorsing skin whitening products. Many of them act as staunch advocates against racism but, at the same time, promote fairness creams. This time, it is Ayeza Khan who is in deep waters for working in a whitening cream ad, but she isn’t the first one to be doing this. Many actors have also shared before that they were told to get skin whitening injections simply because they weren’t ‘fair enough.’

Whitening and fairness creams are problematic in every way. The famous skin brand ‘Fair & Lovely’ also decided to change its name to ‘Glow & Lovely’. Not only are these creams discriminatory but they are very dangerous for the skin. The lightening creams contain ingredients that tend to remove the protective barrier of the skin, increasing exposure to harmful UV rays, which can lead to skin cancer.

Ayeza in the ad tells how ‘Faiza beauty cream’ gives her the required confidence and is the reason why she is successful. It is disappointing since the actress is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani Entertainment Industry.

Many are enraged about the ad and this is what they have to say:

It is about time these actors start taking some responsibility. They are watched by many, and people look up to them. We cannot put a full-stop to these sick beauty standards until or unless our media works plays its part as well. If big names like Ayeza Khan fail to understand how harmful these creams can be, then we need to remind them for sure.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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