Three men gang-rape a woman after luring her with a job interview

In Lahore, three men gang-raped a woman after luring her to a house at Raiwind Road. She went to the house in hopes of a job interview.

According to the FIR of the case, the victim said she was visiting Lahore’s General Hospital to get medicines, where she encountered the suspects, Farman and Irfan.

They asked her if she was a doctor, and she replied that she wasn’t. They further questioned whether or not she was ‘literate’ and she said she was not but was in desperate need of a job.

The police reported that the alleged criminals had taken the victim’s phone number and asked her to visit the Mir Chowk Raiwind Road area for a job interview. She was also asked to bring along Rs. 140,000.

The victim said that she took a rickshaw to the area, and also had the money. They told her that a person named Saleem was waiting for her at a house in that area for an interview.

When she reached the house, they held her hostage, looted her, and sexually assaulted her. A video of hers was also made to blackmail her and after that, she was let go of.

A case has been registered against the suspects, and an investigation is underway.

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  • Saima Muzaffar says:

    This is extremely strange that she went Alone.with a huge amount of money to a haunted house for a job interview. Allah rehem karey

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