This shaadi season not all that glitters is gold – it can be blinding too!

It’s the peak of shaadi season, and it’s time to whip out the bold glittery eyes that shine bright like a diamond. 

But if there’s one makeup lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way, it’s this:

Always, always, always use cosmetic grade glitter.

Just because it’s glitter, doesn’t always mean you can use it on your eyes! If you want to use glitter around your eyes (or really anywhere on your face!) you have to make sure that somewhere on the label it says “cosmetic grade” in order to be sure that your eyes are safe.

Cosmetic grade glitter is usually made of some form of polyester, it is a soft material that doesn’t have jagged edges. 

Regular “cheap” craft glitter that you can find in stationary shops is not the same thing. This type of glitter is mostly made out of metal. Yup,

Metal is taken, and shredded into tiny particles – mostly in the shape of hexagons or squares. 

You get one little piece of craft glitter in your eye and you can scratch your cornea or any other part of your eye – this can leave you with an infection, seriously injured or the worse of all, blind. 

In addition to being a deadly weapon literally because of their shape arts and crafts glitters are also poly-coated dyes which have a risk of leaking and bleeding as it comes in contact with the moisture in your eyes. While cosmetic grade glitter is made with non-toxic pigments. 

There are specific standards that a company has to adhere to to manufacture cosmetic glitter. They have to be packaged according to these standards. Regular glitter can have contaminants from anything such as Rust from the machinery, particles in the surroundings that the glitter is being manufactured at etc. You do not want this stuff in your eye. 

Since the craft glitters don’t follow safety guidelines since they’re meant to be used on paper and not the human body, the workers that work at these factories have no reason to work in an extremely sanitary way, which is what you’d want from something that’s literally going to be all up in your eyes. This means the little bikes are probably harboring crazy amounts of bacteria which we want to keep our eyes and faces away from. 

Now, you don’t always make a conscious decision to put your eyes in danger. Some companies sell really cheap “eye glitter” that isn’t actually cosmetic grade. It’s simply the craft glitter repackaged. Sometimes these are also labeled as “pressed glitters with a base” – don’t fall for it. 

If it looks like a chunky boi – it should be as far away from you as possible. 

If you’re not someone that does their own makeup and instead you always have your makeup done, make sure your make up artist isn’t cutting corners by using cheap glitter on you. You have to take a look at what they’re using on your eyes specifically. Since there’s more risk for your eyes to get scratched while you’re taking your makeup off, you might not even realize that they are the ones that put you in danger! 

What cheaply made glitters can do to your eyes!

Usually, the easiest way to tell the difference between the two is to take some and rub it between your fingers 

Does it feel chunky? 

Do you feel like you’re literally exfoliating the skin? 

Does it leave a little “carpet burn” type of feeling? 

Run. Run away immediately and don’t let anyone near your eye with that. 

There’s many alternatives to these chunky glitters and drugstore makeup has come a long way since the 90s. You can totally find eye safe glitter without breaking the bank! 

Something like the e.l.f Star dust glitter 

Or the NYX Glitters 

The Colorpop singles are really pretty too! 

Or If you want to be the safest, use metallic liquid shadows! 

The possibilities are endless! Just because you have to stay away from chunky dangerous glitters, doesn’t mean you can’t rock the shiny eyelids – all you have to be careful about it doing it safely. 

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