‘The person who commits rape, he is fully responsible. Never is the victim responsible’ PM Imran Khan finally gets it right

The prime minister’s problematic views about rape had sparked a lot of controversies. However, in a recent interview, he finally shifted the blame solely to the individual committing rape.

During his appearance on PBSNewsHour, the PM stated, ‘No matter whatever – how much ever a woman is provocative or whatever she wears, the person who commits rape, he is fully responsible.’

The PM further said that his comments were taken out of context. ‘They were simply talking about Pakistani society, where we are having a sharp rise in sex crimes. And sex crimes do not include just women. More than rape are child abuse, which is going through the roof.’

PM Khan further clarified his statement saying that he used the word purdah. ‘Purdah is not restricted to women only, but it is for men as well. It means bringing the temptation down in society.’

PM Imran Khan also mentioned that he wouldn’t ever say such a ‘stupid’ thing that a person who is raped is responsible somehow. He believes that it is solely the rapist who is responsible.

Not once, but twice the PM gave victim-blaming remarks earlier this year which caused a lot of outrage among the public. He was called out on social media for his statements.

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