“Thappar pe disclaimer kyun nahin?”

Thappad is one of those movies, that goes viral before the actual movie even comes out. Usually, this happens because of a song or a very aesthetically pleasing teaser that makes an impression.

This movie has been going viral for starting conversations and challenging societal norms.

This week, we saw another video drop on the T-series official pages. Staying true to what their team has been doing so far – they say something that hasn’t been asked before.

“Why is there no content warning for domestic abuse?”

We see the movie lead Taapsee Pannu take away a glass containing alcohol from the male leads hand and take it out of the frame, because if it stays in they’ll have to add in a disclaimer “Alcohol is injurious to health”

Then she takes away cigarettes because for those too, there needs to be a disclaimer.

The male lead then proceeds to gear up to slap her, she asks him to pause and asks the camera “Thappad pe disclaimer nai hai?”

She asks “The movies that include domestic violence, don’t include a disclaimer. There are even disclaimers for animal abuse that say ‘No animals were harmed in the making of this film’ Maybe a slap is a tiny thing compared to everything else”

She raises a great point. Why is there no disclaimers for domestic violence? Is it because it’s “not a big deal” or “Har ghar ki baat hai”?

Why have we desis been conditioned to think that domestic violence is normal? – It is not.

We feature content everyday on televisions and in cinemas that include domestic violence. None of our dramas can be complete without it.

“Iskey begheir story kesey baney gi?”

Why is it 2020, but we still accept content like this? Why are we numb to it? Why are there no content warnings for domestic abuse?

Taapsee asks the viewers to sign a petition that asks the Indian Ministry of Information and their censor boards to identify violent scenes and also add a disclaimer on them.

This is a big step. Film-makers have not been daring enough to challenge the system with anything like this before.

Because at the end of the day “Thappad itni si baat nahin hai

Do you think there will ever be a day where something like this happens in Pakistan too?

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