Supreme Court accepts Meesha Shafi’s request for a ‘preliminary hearing’. What does it mean?

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has granted leave in the singer Meesha Shafi’s appeal of ‘workplace harassment’ for an unspecified period.

The leave means that the court will now be reconsidering whether the Meesha Shafi case was covered by the ‘Sexual Harassment Act’ or not. Moreover, it will also consider if all the women, including students and those who are self-employed, are protected under the harassment laws.

This also indicates that the harassment report that was first presented back in 2018 was never judged based on merits since Pakistan’s Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Act does not protect ‘self-employed individuals.’

Although the singer has been granted a leave, which is a positive outcome, further trials of the case are still pending.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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