Shaniera Akram faces backlash after consoling the ‘good men’ on Twitter

After the incident of a woman being harassed on Independence day at the Greater Iqbal Park, the whole nation was shaken. Numerous demanded quick justice for the victim as violence against women continues to spike in the country.

People are speaking up in solidarity with the Ayesha and hence, were in disbelief when Shaniera Tweeted in support of men. Her post has made her land in hot waters because people considered it extremely problematic. Akram’s recent Tweet read, ‘my heart goes out to all the good men of Pakistan. I’m sorry so many of your brothers have failed you.’

The public was absolutely confused with how instead of showing her support to the victim or women in general, Akram showed solidarity to men.

Numerous replied to Shaniera’s Tweet correcting her about who the ‘real victim’ is. The users were absolutely enraged. People also hoped it was a ‘sarcastic’ Tweet. Many trolled Shaniera over her negligence.

Here’s what the public has to say:

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