Rise in temperature can lead to an increase in infant mortality | VIDEO

Rise in temperature can lead to an increase in infant mortality | VIDEO

A video, showing how the rise in temperature is impacting infant mortality, pregnant women, new mothers, and families, in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh, has been released.

An increase in heat also plays a role in exacerbating the current inequities in the health of newborn babies. Released by the Research and Development Forum for Safe Motherhood Pakistan and the White Ribbon Alliance, the video has real-life accounts from new mothers and pregnant women.

Pregnant people are at a higher risk of heat-related illnesses, and exposure to high temperatures is linked to premature birth, low birth rates, and stillbirth, all of which are associated with infant mortality.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) also noted compound climate impacts that have a negative effect on pregnancy and newborn health. This included loss of water and food sources, increased risk of vector-borne diseases, poor water quality, and decreased access to prenatal care.

It is important to mention here that extreme heat is experienced differently. Women who belong to privileged backgrounds have facilities to keep them sheltered from the temperature. On the other hand, those living below the poverty line have limited access to electricity and high electricity bills.

Climate change

The increase in heat is caused because of climate changes that are led by humans, and the impact of this is felt more severely by certain populations. Not just pregnant women, but older people, children, and babies, outdoor laborers, people living in poverty, and people with disabilities are also directly impacted by climate change.

Watch the video here:

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