Qatari elections: out of 26, not a single woman has been elected

Qatari elections: out of 26, not a single woman has been elected

Qatari elections for the legislative polls were held previously. The voters did not choose even a single one of the 26 women who took part.

The result has disappointed candidates, who were a voice for female empowerment. The vote was for 30 members of the 45-seat advisory Shura Council. However, the emir will continue to appoint the remaining 15 members. This provides a limited scope of policies for the country.

Elections for the Shura Council

The 59-year-old nurse, Aisha Hamam al-Jasim, said that the vision of Qatar isn’t to have all men. She asked the women to stand up for what they believe in and vote for strong women.

She said that this is an opportunity for women to take part in the political process. Another candidate, Jasim said she encountered men who thought women shouldn’t take part in the elections. She highlighted her skills and said her focus is mainly on retirement, youth employment, and health.

Jasim said that she sees herself just as capable as a man.

Qatar has introduced many reforms to empower women in recent years. Women can now get a driving license independently. Right-wing groups have heavily criticized the policy.

In 2019, an unknown account tweeted about the guardianship system of Qatar. After 24 hours, the account was shut down after officials summoned the woman behind the account.

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